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About Irina

Irina’s life focus is staying healthy and happy
..and she is committed to helping other people like you do the same.

Irina has been practicing yoga and meditation for more than 15 years.

Several years ago, when her mother became ill with a debilitating condition, Irina began practicing Reiki in order to alleviate her pain. Now she has mastered this skill and has become an accomplished Reiki Master and Teacher.

To evolve and develop her skillset further, Irina enrolled at the International Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Here she was taught how the body and mind work together holistically and she learned to use diagnostics to determine if and where an imbalance may be causing problems.

She also learned about the therapeutic values of hirudotherapy: a unique methodology that can present immediate healing results.

At the American Academy of Hirudotherapy in the United States, Irina trained as a Hirudotherapist under the direction of her teacher Alicja Kolyszko, who is credited with bringing this world renowned practice to North America.

Irina is currently the only Certified Hirudotherapist practicing in Ottawa and is a member of the American Hirudotherapy Assocation.